Corrupted USB Drive Recovery

Consider a scenario – You are working on a huge project & saving it on your USB drive. You became tired and without ejecting the drive, you logged off your system. The next day when you tried to open that drive, it is saying “Drive is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted & unreadable.” or “The drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it?

This error occurred because the drive got corrupted. Just like any other device, USB drives are also prone to corruptions & won’t open if they are corrupted. You will not be able to access its data at all. But does that mean the data is gone forever? No, you can easily restore corrupted USB drive using a recovery tool under any of the following corruption scenarios. Read this article to know how to retrieve corrupted USB drive data.

Abruptly pulling out the USB drive – If the USB drive is removed improperly from a system to which it was connected, without using the proper eject procedure, there are chances of data getting lost. Sometimes even the USB drive gets corrupted thereby making all the files & folders inaccessible.

Corruption of USB flash drive file system due to virus infection – Viruses are malicious softwares that corrupt the system files on your computer as well as the USB drive. They might enter your system through the internet or while installing a software downloaded from an untrusted source. If the file system gets corrupted then you will not be able to access your USB drive or open its data. you might have to recover corrupted USB drive files with the aid of recovery tools.

Sudden system shutdown – When the system shuts down, while the data transfer between the system & the USB drive, is in process, there are chances of data loss. This might corrupt the USB drive too and lead to the need to recover corrupted USB drive.

Frequent Use – Frequently using the USB drive like saving & deleting files, formatting it again & again and using it in different different systems, might corrupt the USB drive. Avoid this data loss situation by keeping a regular backup of your important files & folders.

Synchronization error – While synchronizing data between the USB drive & the system, an error may leave the drive in a corrupted state. At this state you might keep wondering how to retrieve corrupted USB drive data.

Features of USB data recovery tool –

Steps to restore corrupted USB drive –

Step 1 – Download & install the tool on your Windows operating system & launch it to restore corrupted USB drive. Download Mac version to recover files from flash drive Mac.

Step 2 – From the main screen, select “Recover Photos” option to recover corrupted USB drive.

Restore Corrupted USB Drive - Main Screen

Step 3 – Select “Recover Lost Photos” from the next screen in order to retrieve corrupted USB drive data..

Restore Corrupted USB Drive - Recover Lost Photos

Step 4 – Choose the corrupted USB drive & hit the “Next” button.

Restore Corrupted USB Drive - Select Drive

Step 5 – Preview & save the recovered data.

Restore Corrupted USB Drive - Save Recovered Files